Rolling Backpack w/Shiny Eyes, Removable Stuffed Toy & Wheels


 Includes Embroidered Name

Adorable backpacks made with high-quality plush fabric! Perfect use for school, travel luggage, pool, gym, or overnight at grandma’s! Your child will be the center of attention!

Wheels can be completely removed and the soft backstraps allow it to be worn as a backpack with or without the wheels!

Locks on both sides of the handlebars keep it steady for your child to lug it around and have fun!¬† Size: 12″x10″x6″


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Penguin, Squirrel, Puppy, Cat, Pink Ballet Panda, Bamboo Panda, Yellow Ducky, Lady Bug, Giraffe, Pink Bunny, Beige Brown Monkey, Hot PinkHorse, Fire Chief Bear, Pink Ballet Bear, T-Rex